Smart off roaders have known for years that the most secure way to use your recovery winch is replace the hook with a common screw pin shackle. Unless you are competing, the added seconds required to use a shackle versus a hook during a vehicle recovery is not worth the safety risk associated with standard winch hooks.

Anytime a hook is used, there is a chance that whatever you put into the hook opening can escape. This is especially important in vehicle recovery where the winch cable is cycling in a loaded and unloaded condition regularly as the towing vehicle or towed vehicle lurches forward. In contrary, the standard screw pin shackle is a completely contained link where strap ends have no way of escaping even during tight/loose cycles.

Screw Pin Shackle Benefits:

  • Stronger
  • Safer – secure link – no chance of strap ends escaping
  • Less stress on recovery strap fibers
  • Larger opening accepts both ends of a recovery strap
  • No sharp edges to cut recovery straps
  • Affordable pricing for a superior piece of hardware
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